Monday, May 01, 2006
Sick :(

Exactly one week to my presentation and I of course am sick. Just wonderful. But the good news is that I got so much done this past weekend for my campaign. I finished all of the invitations and printed them along with the cover sheet and brochures. I used up my print credits for the semester in doing so but they came out great (THANKS OWEN!!) I also made labels to stick on everything in the bride/groom survival kits and the bubbles. I have to at least write two press releases and a backgrounder. There are some other things I will try to do if I have time. Actually, I'm kind of concerned about fitting this all into 15 minutes. I need to work something out with the demo and depending how that goes cut one of the events or not talk so much about each one.

Today, the first two presenters went. It made me feel nervous because soon I will have to get up and speak in front of everyone. One person, who is not a PR major, talked endlessly about one event, which was creative, but not very developed considering it was the only event he talked about. His press release was his only give-away, and he did not take up 15 minutes. He did speak very well though. The other person, who is a PR major, also only talked about one event. Her company does not have trouble getting clients, so it was difficult for her to do much that the company doesn't already do. So, I can kind of see why she only had one event. She described it in much more detail, handed out a press release, and also gave away a cute goodie bag of juice, teddy bear pb & j sandwiches, and an apple, along with a pin. (Her client was a day care center) She was very nervous, which made me more nervous, but was ok by the end.

I hope I am not the only one who is doing more than one event. I feel like I already cut out so much that I wanted to talk about, and will still need to cut out more. I have now cut out the Wild Wedding, and am thinking about cutting the diabetes walk or only showing the demo until I finish talking about schools. It’s hard because I have already done the invitation, and I don't know if I should bother doing a press release. I am hoping that the next two days of presentations will help me gauge just how in depth I should go. Also, I hope that I do not lose my voice in the meantime, or get too sick to finish my presentation. Then of course is the whole public speaking thing, which I am not entirely comfortable with. It is the one thing in PR that I am trying to work on the most so I hope this experience will help me. At least for this topic, I am the most knowledgeable person in the room about the client. Not to mention, the client is my dad, not a big corporation. I can speak about him in a conversational way because it will just be me talking about my dad.

More about this week’s presentations and working on mine later...

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