Monday, October 23, 2006
School Days...
Wow I can't believe it's almost Halloween. I have a lot of exciting updates...where to start?

C.I.A.O.~ The Italian Festival in the city was amazing. I always love going and I think it is one of our best events. It is very interesting promoting our group. The Facebook events have helped us see how many people are interested in coming ahead of time. We have had several successful events so far: San Genarro, The Italian Fest at Hofstra, and The Jones Beach Breast Cancer Walk. We had a ton of people at our meeting for pictures and discussing the events for this semester; serving pizza really does help. This weekend we are having a Halloween party at one of the member's house. Also, the public relations team for University Relations at Hofstra happened to come by our office while I was there. They are very interested in taking a picture of our club meeting to use in promotional material for the university. It's great press for us and Hofstra.

Internship~ To make a long story short, while I was at my internship meeting with my Professor, she got an email from M&G, one of the companies I was looking at for the spring. They said they wanted interns right now. I almost jokingly offered my Fridays thinking that no one would want an intern once a week, and they accepted. I scrambled to update my resume and write a cover letter. They asked me to come in for an interview, which was great because they are both Hofstra Alumni and really nice. Needless to say, I started working that Friday.

M&G~ Middleton and Gendron is a luxury travel/leisure public relations firm. They have a lot of great clients that I am really interested in. The two women who I'm mostly working for have accounts with mahogany Sun Casino, KSL Resorts and Spas, Stowe, Tucker's Point, just to name a few... So far I've been three times and each time I learn something new. I love their location, right on 5th ave in Manhattan. I love working in the city, and it is not nearly as scary or weird as I thought it would be. It feels like home. Their office is great, small enough where everyone including the founders know me, but big enough to have amazing clients. Every time I've done some typical intern stuff ie Copying, Organizing ect, but they also give me things I really need to learn. It was very interesting to make follow up calls to journalists all over the country. Also, I helped compile reports. Most recently, I picked pictures out to be placed in a magazine. Meanwhile, this is all been done when my two bosses have been crazy busy with Mohegan Sun's 10 anniversary week. They reassured me that after that week, aka this week, we would sit down and talk about what I'd like to do for the rest of the semester and assign me even more cool stuff. Overall, I am very pleased with this internship. It is the perfect first internship, and I hope to stay with them for credit this spring.

My public relations major classes have been going very well. Lots of midterms due next week though. Also, I re-joined PRSSA this year. I will continue to update about my internship experiences when I'm not busy.
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Thursday, September 14, 2006
I'm Baaack
I had a wonderful summer relaxing, being with my friends, and lifeguarding. Now I'm back at school, and I just got settled. I am taking a PR research class, a Broadcast Journalism class, and a Marketing class along with some non-major classes.

I like my PR class, it is interesting to see just how much goes behind a campaign. It makes me think that we should have this class first not the one I took, because I basically did very little research besides niching the audience. We have a big research project due at the end of the year. I was surprised that I like my Broadcast class. I thought it would be about being a news reportor on camera. Instead we're doing broadcast writing, which will be important to learn, and a video package at the end. Finally, I'm taking a Marketing class, which is unfortunatly on the same day as my PR research class. I read basically the same stuff for both classes and we talk about the same stuff given different names in both classes. And then of course is the jabs each class takes at the other class. Like the rest of my major classes there is a big project due at the end similar to what I did for my PR class last year.

Besides classes I am really excited to be doing PR for the Italian club I am in, C.I.A.O. I have an offical position on the e-board as "Secretary of Public Relations." First, I planned and make decisions with the president and vice president for this semester. Then I designed a recipe book to sell at the Italian Fest this Sunday on campus. I also made flyers to pass out and hang around campus. I keep helping with overall decisions within all the e-board positions. I greeted and recruited students at the first annual Street Fair, as well as the activities fair. Also, I've redesigned our Facebook group to be more informative. Eventually I will be sending messages and inviting people to events through there. I still have to setup a group on the Hofstra Portal, which will inform everyone at Hofstra of our events. I can't wait for the 24th when we go to the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy!!

The last major thing I am working on is getting an internship for the summer. I am trying to meet with my teacher from last year, Professor Frisina, to talk about travel/book/movie PR internships as well as internships abroad. I also have to meet with the director of the EPA and IES programs, (study abroad internships), to get more detail about where I could go to do PR.

I have a busy semster ahead of me but it should be fun.

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Friday, May 12, 2006
Website Up and Running!
In between papers and studying I found the time to make a quick website (There's also a link on the left) I made it so in the future I can put up more campaigns I do easily.It's not perfect, or completely finished, but it's enough so everything I wrote about will make sense. If you click on campaigns, and then more details for Advantage Video Productions, you will see links to all the word files, and a flickr badge that links to the pictures.

Since the flickr pictures are not listed individually, here is a list with links to everything I created for this campaign:

I would love to hear comments.

Public Relations, Public Relations Campaign, Presentations, Lists

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