Friday, May 05, 2006
I'm Done....Almost...

Great news I finished creating my PR presentation today!!! Everything is printed (I didn't run out of ink), stuffed into folders, taped, ect ect. Really all I need to do is practice, and set up my presentation that day. I did my first run through just to see how much time it took me. I messed up a few things and had to explain some things because I presented to a non PR major, with that said it took me about 30 minutes. AKA 15 minutes over haha. So I cut out the Diabetes Walk event, because I already have 2 charity events. Leaving me with "Big Picture Luncheon, "Buona Sera" Dinner/Auction, Video Message To Soldiers, and "Surviving Your Videographer". 4 events X 3 minutes each=12 minutes...leaving me 3 for an intro. I still think I will be over.

I saw three more people present today. Surprisingly the last girl actually did 4 events like I am doing. I think my problem is I give too much detail. I think she made it a little over but got through all of her events despite her PowerPoint not working, and she was pretty confident with speaking. The two before her also did well. Both had not trouble speaking, but only did one event with not much else besides a small giveaway (gum from one and sunscreen from another). It was nice to see someone do closer to the amount of work I did. Still, I created so many things and really took this presentation seriously.

Wish me Luck for Monday!

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